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Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall 2013

I feel like making this post might be a bit out of line as is was so long since the last. Still, the photo fun page is expired (for the time being..) and I'm looking to bring back the blog in full effect. Here goes.

It's been a year and it's going to be boring to go into any sort of detail as to what has happened since. Here is a quick bullet list to get everyone up to date: 

-we recorded an ep with our mans Brandon Bost. It came out dope and we are still happy with it I think...
-we went out for the midwest this past winter with sam rudich of ranch records on the hardcore gig circuit and slayed. caught some ill footage and met a lot of great people. they fed us like kings and queens and we trudged through the winter conditions. Also traveled to a bunch of new places that none of us have ever been to. 
-we played richmond for the second time at stay sweet fest III this past april and loved it. Also I got to meet Airick Egan in real life for the first time after being internet friends for 2/3 years. Needless to say he was fucking great. Cleveland crew/all about zach records crew is the shit and can burn in hell with us for as long as they wish.
-in between that and now we played a bunch of shows with great bands who came through Philadelphia. check the past shows tab for the full list
-we went out for a weekend with Backslider - played for a bunch of squares, cashed out, sold out, played peter frampton on the jukebox, and blew a flat on the border of yonkers and ardsley. john's parents came through in the clutch

Here's what is up right now:
-We are writing a bunch of new stuff
-There is a small thing coming out v soon to hold it over
-We are trying to come to some new lands this winter
-Weekend Nachos show is November 13th
-We might do the Blink set again next week.
-Ranch Records on Top - forever and always

Godspeed//Give me back my bullets,

"Yeah I took a picture of the Aldi, it's an inside joke" - Eric Muth to a cop