Fucklove: Prophet of Death

Saturday, August 20, 2011

dear new england

scud fest volume two coming up on sept third at the male nurses' house in allston. come hang out! i think bloodkrow butcher might be playing instead of gash (which would be boston's gash, not philly's ga$h). but whatever, we're playing, the other bands are cool, we'll have tapes, let's hang out! it's been a really shitty month and we're all looking forward to this a lot. thanks to scud for making this happen, also.
sent out tapes to everyone who paypal'd us money, the post office said they should be delivered by monday or tuesday. sorry that took me a while! i just got my wisdom teeth out. we still have more if anyone else is interested!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

demo tapes

still got a bunch. they're pretty.
you won't be disappointed (unless you already are)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Tonight we played @ the DBAJ house with Force of Habit, Sea of Shit, and Street Pizza. All of those bands killed it, check them on the world wide web. Thanks to everyone who came out.

We also have demo tapes ready now for $2. Limited press of 50. Email congenitaldeath@gmail.com to get on a copy. Special thanks to Sam Rudich and Ranch Records for hooking us up with the duplication/overall help. Much love

Demo Complete

Alright here it is. The first Congenital Death demo:


Lots of new stuff!

Ok so here's what's been happening:

We played a show at the Rudich Ranch on July 29th with Tin Armor. There were tons of cookies and kick ass burritos and it was just a great time had by all. Pool party followed. Kerri took some pictures, check: