Fucklove: Prophet of Death

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Update - Spring Edition:

We're working on a bunch of new material right now. All kinds of new things happening soon and a bunch of things we can't talk about yet. Keep them ears perked - little dog style (shout out to BH)

A sneak peek:
This is John, he's playing bass with us now. He's big on coffee and being reasonable so he fits right in. Here's a pic of him getting tough in the D.E.W.A.I. HQ Studio.

Kerri is singing with us now. If you listen to WKDU you know her as the one who makes a fool out of me on Dysnoise. She's big on knitting and scoops ice cream now for Little Baby's Ice Cream:

Here's some shows to go to on the weekend so you don't get stuck doing Sudoku all night with your neighbors.

5/17 @ Cloud City w/ Cleansing Wave, Nightfall, Infernal Stronghold

5/25 @ First Unitarian Church w/ Black God, Agents of Abhorrence, Vaccine, Bubonic Bear, Heavy Medical

6/17 @ Cloud City w/ State Violence, Twerps 

6/28 @ Punx Picnic Pot Luck BBQ w/ The Adults, Nightfall, GA$H, FTS