Fucklove: Prophet of Death

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Minute Show!

Yo guys,

Living Void is this gnarly ass grind band from Boston and they are coming through Philly on Sunday night, September 25th @ JR's 8:00 $5. Hessian is also on this. Don't pose!


The Sick/Tired show went really well and all the bands kicked ass. Nothing is Over especially. Definitely check out these bands, and hopes that the rest of the Sick/Tired tour went well with fewer broken strings. I'm out


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Friday/Saturday Boston Trip

Awesome rad time playing with everyone this weekend. Thanks to Mike Kriebel for hooking us up Friday @ Dad's house, and to Mario for showing no fear in the mosh. Scud and the Boston dudes were very hospitable and threw an awesome show at their spot in Allston. Great to play with Secret Police and Naughty Girls again. Me and Chris took a killer 6 hour ride home and arrived at 9:30. A torturous trek filled with coffee, twizzlers, and the Lemonheads.

We just ordered 100 more tapes, which are in the process of pressing by Sam at Ranch Records and Hollis at Hardmore Records (http://wreckhardmore.blogspot.com/) 

For a copy, email:


Friday, September 2, 2011

Upcoming Shows:

Friday, September 2nd
@ Dad's House
Naughty Girls (Montreal)
Secret Police (NJ)
Steez McQueen

Saturday, September 3rd
@ The Male Nurses House: Allston, MA
Naughty Girls (Montreal)
Secret Police (NJ)
Dry Hump

Tuesday, September 13th
@ Cloud City 8pm $5
Sick/Tired- Chicago fastcore, ex- Weekend Nachos & MK Ultra
Nothing Is Over- Philly powerviolence
GA$H- Philly blast/punk
Dead People Screaming- Philly hc punk