Fucklove: Prophet of Death

Monday, November 7, 2011


FRIDAY NOVEMBER 25th, only a few days after the show with Coke Bust, we are playin a sick show with a bunch of homies from our city and yours, Pukeadelphia. I know yr gonna be home for thanksgiving and I know yr gonna be sick of your family by this time, so come hang hard. 7pm at Clown City in West Philly. Be somewhat on time (you don't wanna miss any of these bands) (seriously), don't be a jerk, y'all know the deal. See you fuckers there <3

Demo Tape Available @ Ranch Records Site

The demo tape was just repressed with a new insert and is available at the Ranch Records site. Check them out:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hey: I hope you mutants haven't forgotten that on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20th (almost exactly two weeks from now!!) we are playing at The Barbary in Philadelphia with COKE BUST, SICK FIX, BACKSLIDER, UNITED YOUTH, and SELF CONSCIOUS. What more could you want in a show? Some straight edge, some power violence, some hardcore dancing, some anger, and Chris Froberg. It's also a matinee show, so there's still plenty of time to do yr homework that day (thinking about it, does anyone actually do homework besides me?) Here is the link to the event on Facebook.com, and here is the link to pre-order (!!!) some tickets via r5 productions. Wow, it's gonna be a cool show. Come out, don't pose, no excuses.