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Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's important to read this page because this is where it gets intimate. Blogging is not just posting updates and quick links for the people who rush through their lives, fighting for the fame and hype and playing tetris on the side. This is where it gets real and I'll talk to you - the readers - like normal fucking people. Wise up to the hypebot and hypebeasts - shit can get lost.

Here goes:
Back in the middle of May we played our first show with Kerri at Cloud City with Cleansing Wave. Their tour just finished up and you're best to pick up the 7" out on PRGNT RECORDS (+ Sea of Shit, SKVLT, Daisy Cutter, Sick/Tired)
It felt like a new era..

The show last week at the church with Vaccine/Agents of Abhorrence was hella cool. It was tight knit and the rug was on the floor in front of the stage. I'll see if I can conjure up some pics/video and post them here later. Big ups to Heavy Medical + Bubonic Bear for a ripping set and thanks to everyone who came out.

Update City:
We're heading to the studio in a few weeks - June 18/19 to record with Brandon Bost of Wild Rompit. The last time we recorded was the first demo, so this should blow everything out of the barnyard. EP to be released this Fall - hold tight.
Also check up on Ranch Records for updates all around - http://ranchjams.blogspot.com

The Munchausen 7" release show with Twerps and State Violence is Sunday (6/17) @ Cloud City - you know the deal here. A Will McAndrew Production ©

Philly Punx Picnic is at the end of the month. All smiles about playing this one - Thursday night official kick off (6/28). The Picnic runs from Wednesday through Sunday (6/27 - 7/1) So many Philly and non-Philly bands playing that weekend. For the punx..

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Update - Spring Edition:

We're working on a bunch of new material right now. All kinds of new things happening soon and a bunch of things we can't talk about yet. Keep them ears perked - little dog style (shout out to BH)

A sneak peek:
This is John, he's playing bass with us now. He's big on coffee and being reasonable so he fits right in. Here's a pic of him getting tough in the D.E.W.A.I. HQ Studio.

Kerri is singing with us now. If you listen to WKDU you know her as the one who makes a fool out of me on Dysnoise. She's big on knitting and scoops ice cream now for Little Baby's Ice Cream:

Here's some shows to go to on the weekend so you don't get stuck doing Sudoku all night with your neighbors.

5/17 @ Cloud City w/ Cleansing Wave, Nightfall, Infernal Stronghold

5/25 @ First Unitarian Church w/ Black God, Agents of Abhorrence, Vaccine, Bubonic Bear, Heavy Medical

6/17 @ Cloud City w/ State Violence, Twerps 

6/28 @ Punx Picnic Pot Luck BBQ w/ The Adults, Nightfall, GA$H, FTS

Monday, January 16, 2012

Smash it Dead 2012

We will be playing the 2012 Smash it Dead Fest in late March in Cambridge/Allston. So stoked on this one. Here's the info:

Smash it Dead Fest is a DIY Punk fest based in Boston, MA that benefits the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. The weekend includes shows and informative, feminist based workshops. We are hoping to not only raise money for BARCC, but also raise a greater awareness of issues that come with living in a rape culture. We hope to open doors of communication within our community to deal with these issues in a better, more sustainable way.

More information and details on the weekend will be posted throughout the coming months, so keep checking back.

Our website, http://smashitdead2012.com/ will be updated further as well and you can email us at smashitdead@gmail.com

2 Separate House Shows

Show A @ Wacky Castle in Allston
7pm $8-15 (donation based, sliding scale)
Nature Boys

SHOW B @ The Burrow in Allston
7pm $8-$15 (donation based, sliding scale)

Troubled Sleep
Sparkle Shit
Dangerous Ponies

SATURDAY March 24th $10-$20
@ Democracy Center in Cambridge (CAPACITY IS LIMITED! Please arrive on time!)
$10-$20 (donation based, sliding scale)

10:25 pm Surrender
9:30 pm The Credentials (last show)
8:45 pm Foreign Objects
8:15 pm Aye Nako
7:40 pm Spraynard
7:00 pm Rations
5:30 pm WORKSHOP Male Privilege
4:20 pm Dead Uncles
3:50 pm Cinders
3:25 pm Don't Panic
3:00 pm Spoonboy

SUNDAY March 25th
@ Democracy Center in Cambridge (CAPACITY IS LIMITED! Please arrive on time!)
$10-$20 (donation based, sliding scale)

9:00pm Spoonboy
8:15pm Ampere
7:45 pm The Inhalers
7:15 pm Sick Fix
6:45 pm Death First
6:15 pm Cloud Rat


5:05 pm Curmudgeon
4:45 pm Congenital Death
4:15 pm Roskenoph
3:45 pm Teen Wolves
3:15 pm No Sir, I Won't

1:00 to 2pm WORKSHOP Fuckin-A Collective on radical consent/sex positivity

Monday, January 2, 2012

tour was ill, big ups to colin and logan for hanging hard and getting us where we needed to go, everyone who booked us shows/put us up/came out to see us/bought merch, some pizza place in hartford for having great pasta, and hollis ruggieri for peeing on everything. see you people next time around.

god is love